Celebrating a decade of commitment to the well-being of the Danube IWT sector

PDI 10 years final version
Ten years ago, Mr. Alexandru Capatu and Mr. Manfred Seitz together with highly committed founding members have given the Danube community a common voice to address key challenges confronting the Danube inland navigation sector. On this occasion, we would like to thank all our members, partners and colleagues for their dedication and support to engage in a long-term, active, and coordinated cooperation process benefiting the IWT sector and regional economy at large. Since its establishment, Pro Danube International continuously continued to grow, developing into a network of more than 180 companies that have a strategic interest in securing better infrastructure conditions and a higher rate of public investments in the Danube transport and logistics system.

With the Danube being regarded as the economical backbone of a transnational region par excellence, characterized by different levels of socioeconomic development, Pro Danube International successfully managed to bring together public and private representatives of the Danube Region in order to have a lasting impact on the overall situation of IWT.

This year's General Assembly is set to celebrate a decade of commitment to the well-being of the Danube IWT sector and to intensify cooperation with related branch organisations. We therefore cordially invite our partners to join the open session of our General Assembly to take part in the discussions with highly distinguished experts of the IWT sector.

Those of you interested to attend, please register here.